From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/28/1862, p. 3, c. 2-3

List of wounded.

By visiting the different hospitals in the city the following list of wounded was obtained, which embrace all the names entered in the several buildings up to 5 o'clock yesterday evening. The list is complete as far as it goes, and will be continued as the wounded are brought in. Many were carried to private houses or private hospitals, and it may be some days before their names can be procured. Quite a large number were carried to Seabrook's Warehouse, but up to a late hour no list of them had been made out. At this time it is impossible to estimate, with any degree of accuracy, the extent of our casualties in the two days fighting. The following will show quite a number of the regiments engaged:


G M Dorsey, co A, 44th Ga; A F Speart, co B, 44th Ga; W S Young, co C, 16th N C; N C Turnip seed, co A, 44th Ga; Jas Allen, co C, 34th N C; W C Couner, co C, 34th N C; J W Cook, co G, 19th Ga; Chas Burris, co L, 16th N C; E R Patman, co C, 19th Ga; Sergt A J Duncan, co E, 38th N C; G H Patton, co L, 55th Va; L Smith, co A, 1st N C; one unable to give name; J Outry, co B, 19th Ga; Sergt R Phillips, co G, 19th Ga; Jas Ladd, co B, 1st Tenn; Jas B Allen, co D, 1st Tenn; Corp'l G V Vice, co K, 13th Ga; Edw Dorman, co G, 1st Tenn, W A Waddill, co G, 1st Tenn; 2 unable to give names; W L Hindman, Alexandria Artillery; A B Jones, co I, 7th Tenn; John Lightfoot, co F, 16th N C; R Callahan, co G, 16th N C; Lt W A Allen, Purcell Battery, transferred to Manchester Hospital; J Ledford, co L, 16th N C; W E Cooper, co L, 16th N C; B R Caps, co L, 16th N C; J Heavene, co M, 16th N C; G P Thompson, co I, 48th Ga; J H Cole, co F, 44th Ga; J Frankhard, co C, 45th Ga; J Laur, co E, 16th N C; Corp'l J A Clark, co B, 16th N C; P McLeon, co E, 60th Va; E Holcomb, co B, 58th N C; Corp'l W S Page, co G, 27th N C; Corp'l W Suggs, co D, 19th Ga; Corp'l N R Summers, co D, 19th Ga; Corp'l T J Allimus, co G, 19th Ga; Corp'l A A Buchanan, co C, 16th N C; Corp'l J B Jibs, co E, 16th N C; E B Wilson, co G, 2d Va; F Barker, co M, 16th, N C; J W Wyatt, co G, 35th Va; C Hardy, co G, 44th Ga; J A Rellish, co C, 1st N C; Corp'l J H Banton, co C, 1st N C; P Acres, co M, 1st N C; Corp'l J D Williams, co A, 44th Va; O York, co M, 22d N C; J T Mitchell, co H, 44th Ga; J W Hanker, co I, 7th Tenn; N H Young, co G, 7th Tenn; H Benson, co L, 16th N C; Dan Critish, co K, 38th N C; G Geddin, co K, 38th N C; E B Jackson, co G, 44th Ga; G W Lark, co D, 45th Ga; J H Wagoner, co A, 34th N C; C C Hammon, co E, 44th Ga; T Herrin, Purcell Battery; Corp'l J Beck, Purcell Battery; W H Roberson, co H, 1st N C; T D Smith, co C, 38th N C; T J Turner, co M, 22d N C; M Van, co C, 38th N C; M L Bean, co M, 16th N C; B M Fulman, co F, 19th Ga; M Chandler, co F, 19th Ga; J A Lewis, co G, 46th Ga; J H W Mimms, co G, 44th Ga; Serg't G L Gurtry, co C, 38th N C; W Martin, co I, 34th N C; D T McRicker, co D, 44th Georgia; A T Wilson, co E, 44th Ga; H Perry, co I, 1st N C; J W Dunn, co F, 7th Tenn; Sergt Z C Magruder, Purcell Bat; A Couch, co E, 38th N C; L J Perkins, co G, 22d N C; A Hinds, co L, 16th N C; R D Russell, co B, 38th N C; J McHenry, Pegram's art; J S Sterling, Pegram's art; Sergt E F Hildred, co B, 55th Va; S Engle, co F, 16th N C; J C Edrick, co F, 38th N C; Corp F M Martin, co K, 19th Ga; J F Morris, co C, 19th Ga; N J Patterson, co F, 19th Ga; P Donahoe, Walker art; W Jones, co I, 7th Tenn; L S S Robertson, co G, 7th Tenn; J F Oliver, co G, 7th Tenn; Sergt J C Ingram, co G, 7th Tenn; Sergeant W Byrd, co H, 16th N C; W Register, co G, 49th Ga; D N Walker, co K, 49th Ga; W A King Kendall, co I, 16th N C; A A Wall, co B, 16th N C; E H Gaslinn, co L, 16th N C; C Johnson, co C, 16th N C; D M Fulbright, co A, 16th N C; Sergt R S Owen, co D, 16th N C; H N Coruilt, co G, 16th N C; W Barker, co B, 2d Ark bat; J N Canton, co G, 16th N C; L W Wooting, co B, 39th N C; H Poe, co E, 22d N C; B F Long, co G, 16th N C; M S Good, co G 16th N C; G S Steadman, co G, 16th N C; J A Hays, co G, 16th N C; John Moore, co B, 16th N C; J R Shearman, co K, 19th Ga; J Paried, co B, 16th N C; A Richardson, co A, 34th N C; E E Luck, co F, 28th N C; W Rowliner, co A, 19th Ga; G S Wiley, 5th Ala bat; Corp A Elliott, co A, 1st N C; J Griftin, co A, 1st N C; J M C Oxford, co H, 44 Ga; J W Werners, co A, 44th Ga; H G Parker, co H, 44th Ga; E E Jackson. co A, 44th Ga; G B Keen, co I, 44th Ga; J Spearman, co D, 44th Ga; J W Cook, co D, 44th Ga; Corp'l W A Kelly, co B, 44th Ga; W M Ferrett, co I, 15th Tenn; J R Smith, Jeff Davis's art; F M Bally, co F, 44th Ga; R J Davis, Purcell bat; Sergt Crow, Purcell bat; T Francis, Purcell bat; Sergt R R Rounce, 55th Va; N G Miller, co C, 44th Ga; M V T Datson, co C, 44th Ga; W V Jones, co C, 44th Ga; W B Smother, co F 55th Va; Corp'l J A Davidson, co C, 14th Ga; Lieut F Lyon, co F, 1st N C; G Taylor, co F, 1st N C; T J Dunn, co G, 34th N C; T R Gilbert, co E, 34th N C; T W Wilkins, co C, 19th Ga; A D Efford, co E, 40th Va; Sergt R Reed, 34th N C; Corp'l V Gordon, 55th Va; J H Philips, 44th Ga; Lt J T Bowhan, 55th Va, (sent corner 7th and Cary;) D P Elderson, 32d N C; Samuel Warren, 48th Ga; J C Coptin, 38th N C; J J Sacry, Purcell Battery; H T Smith, 44th Ga; J M Daster, 44th Ga; C T Armstrong, 38th N C; Corp'l J C Webb, 16th N C; M T Goode, 16th N C; Sergt N H Seisson, 55th Va; J M Scott, 44th Ga; J E Earls, 34th N C; A Francis, 1st N C; J S Hartness, 44th Ga; G Upchurch, 44th Ga; W Thompson, 44th Ga; J M Williams, 44th Ga; Sergt H B Brown, 38th N C; J H Grady, 1st N C; W H Purner, 19th N C; A Bass, 1st N C; H Withrow, 34th N C; C M Cook, 44th Ga; W H Butler, 44th Ga; Corp'l C L Carry, 22d N C; R H Gibson, 19th Ga; J H Johns, 5th Ala Bat; J W Hays, 40th N C; J B Jett, 40th Va; D Smith, 3d N C; J J Crammer, 44th Ga; 2 names unknown; Sergt A K Stem, 1st N C; A Rives, 44th Ga; Sergt F M Walker, 55th Va; J M R Best, 3d N C; W Gradett, 19th Ga; J Askew, 1st N C; W T Hart, 40th Va; T C Owen, Purcell Battery.


Powell Ballard, co H, 44th Ga; Robert Ballard, do do; J S Barclay, co E, 28th Ga; Jas A Hudson, co E, 28th Ga; J R Lester, co C, 23d Ga; Lieut E L Manly, co E, 44th Ga; Serg't T. J. Adams, co A, 46th Ga; David Phillips, co A, 44th Ga; G M Chaflin, co--,27th Ga; B. F. Johnson, co E, 19th Ga; Lieut W J Bridges, co D, do do; Lieut G S Green, co F, 44th Ga; Lieut Col J B Estis, 44th Ga; Col R A Smith, do do; Adj't E M Miley, do do; W S Fears, co B, 44th Ga; Capt J B Beall, co H, 19th Ga; B Barger, co G, Cobb's Legion.


T A Mullen, co A, 12th Miss; J D Oliver, co K, 2d N C; M Gendro, co F, 19th Miss; P P Lloyd, co J, 1st N C; M Clanton, co F, 12th Miss; A C Steed, do; W L Randolph, Capt of 1st La, Co K, (since dead); J H Peavy, private, Co B, 1st La; Jas Dillon, Lt, Co F, 1st La; W W Smith, private, Co E, 48th N C; S J Richardson, private, Co F, 48th N C; D M Austin, 48th N C; D F Irby, private, Co D, 48th N C; J H McMann, private, Co I, 48th N C; Henry Brinkley, private, Co D, 48th N C; John J Jefferson, private, Co D, 12th Va; Geo T Keefe, private, Co H, 12th Va; John L McNeely, private, Co C, 48th N C; M Richardson, private, Co E, 48th N C, Noah Horn, private, Co R, 48th N C; Allen Christman, private, Co B, 48th N C; Jacob Shaw, Co A, 48th N C; Allen Wilkinson, private, Co B, 48th N C; George F Beck, private, Co C, 48th N C; Amost James, Co K, 48th N C; P W Merrill, Co B, 48th N C; Henry C Fossett, Co C, 48 N C; Robt Dowdy, Co C, 48th N C.


Capt Clark, 13th Ala.


James Pylant, 1st Tenn; Lewis Sink, co K, 19th Louisiana; J J Yates, co K, 3d Ala; G W Currier, co K, 19th Miss; S J Rice, do do; B Reese, co G, 3d N C; J R Keesley, co K, 19th Miss; J G Ferrell, co E, 23d N Ca; J H Rinland, do; M May, Md Artillery; J W Hatton, do; John Gale, do; S D Simpson, 5th Ala; J R Norris, co B, 37th N C; J E Bost, co B, 7th N C; W Ellett, co D, 55th Va; J R Sumner, co M, 20th N C.


James Gleason, co C, 19th Miss; James Cannon, co C, 19th Miss; E Garrett, co C, 19th Miss; Wm Ormsby, co F, 19th Miss; J S Mathews, co B, 44th Ga; G W Hutchison, co B, 44th Ga; J W Howell, co D, 28th N C; Emanuel Wilkes, co A, 2d Fla; J H A Christin, co I, 16th Va; J M Lender, co G, 33d N C; T Chewning, co G, 60th Va; Thos Henderson, co E, 35th Ga; S G Gattin, co I, 35th Ga; John Clark, co C 19th Miss; A M Hurwell, co C, 13th Ala; Patrick McDonald, co B, 3d La bat; G Shaffee, co C, 3d La bat; P Rourke, co A, 3d La bat; J E Blythe, co K, 19th Miss; A D Blythe, co K, 19th Miss; Capt P L Cleary, co F, 37th N C; H A Holt, 1st Lt, co K, 14th Ga.


E S Hughes, co C, 40th Va; A P Montgomery, co F, 1st N C; A V Turner, co G, 38th N C; Adjutant Miles M Cowles, 3d N C; Col Wm Hoke, 38th N C; Isaac Molton, co G, 3d N C; Major Jos Nalligan, 1st La; W S Vaughn, co D, 3d Va; Gibson Henry, co D, 48th N C; Samuel Day, co D, 49th Va; Lt E V Boyd, co D, 49th Va; John Bryan, co E, 1st La; Color Serg't R E Jones, 12th Va; John Williams, co A, 28th Ga; Lt W F Woodson, co C, 1st La; Peter Keating, co E, 1st La; T J Buckley, co D, 1st La; M Flannery, co E, 1st La; J J Scullion, co E, 1st La; H Steinmete, co E, 1st La; B Caughlin, co E, 1st La; G W Fox, co E, 49th Va; S A Daniel, Purcell Battery; John A Lang, co I, 19th Miss; J M Duns, co E, 44th Ga; R D Hughes, co I, 38th N C; W B Windley, co I, 3d N C; Major B R Husk, 48th N C; M M Henry, co C, 12th Miss, Joel Coonher, co D, 34th N C; A Rowell, co A, 35th Ga; J W Spencer, co I, 1st La; Wm Edgely, co I, 1st La; R R Johnson, co B, 48th Ga; A L Trimble, co D, 19th Miss; Calvin McQueen, co E, 22d N Carolina; Sergeant Major J M Miller, 6th Georgia; Jno Kurmon, co E, 2d Miss bat; Silas C Gardner, co C, 44th Ga; M McCurry, co C, 16th N C; J B Bailey, co G, 44th Ga; E F Keiths, co H, 38th N C; J C Basteeville, B F Dixon, J Ferdham, co G, 49th Ga; Jackson Davis, co E, 14th La; Jno Scho , co C, 14th La; R M Cumber, co D, 3d N C; J Erans, co D, 19th Miss; Wm Fenton, 3d La bat; W W Singleton, co H, 44th Ga; T H Johnson, Rowen Johnson, co K, 28th Ga; W C Beekman, W T Flint, Walker's Battery; S A Smith, co H, 8th Ala; F M Eubanks, co H, 19th Ga; J O Waters, co I, 38th N C; D B Hutte, co E, 6th Ga; A D Cassiller, co A, 12th Miss; L B Sconyer, co H, 28th Ga; J H Frorior, co G, 14th La; M M Murphy, co K, 40th Va; J J Phillips, co G, 34th N C; R F Hill, co H, 14th Ga; N E Sigman, co F, 38th N C; S W Kemp, co F, 44th Ga; W W Penkerton, co G, 44th Ga; Samuel Troyden, co M, 22d N C; Chas H Brekey, co G, 3d La bat; Z W Ashburn, co L, 55th Va; G W Rogers, co K, 19th Miss; 8 co E, 14th Ga; Capt L T Jennings, D, 3d La bat; W E Michelle,

co G, 3d La bat; Simon Bear, co K, La, Victor Minot, La Zeeman; W A Brockenbrough, Lieut E Brockenbrough, 49th Va; N E Sigmon, co F, 38th N, Carolina.


Wm F Wise 1st N C; T W Bell, 38th N C; H F Edwards, N C; W R Macon, 34th N C; William Hobbs, 3d N C; J P Hood, 14th Ga; J T Creighton, 56th Va; Pickens Butler, 19th Ga; W J Willoughby, 19th Ga; O F Matthews, 28th Ga; J L Hubbard, 22d N C; John Sikes, 3d N C; T J Milligan, 16th N C; Francis F Mulder, 1st N C; J W Blackwell, 18th N C; J B Blaburn, 37th N C.

Ligon Hospital.

J W Pope, 49th N C Reg't, co A; Chas P Jetton, do do, co K; Levi J, Matthus 25 C, co B; John Smith, do, co F; Jason A Wise, I; J M Meece, do, co F; J N Merlin, 24th do, co D; M M Harris, 48th do, co G; Henry Row, do, co B; Jos Moulden, do, co G Jas T Austin, do, co I; Marion McCoy; do, co I; Wm Garner, 48th N C, co B; A. W Troutman, do, co C; P R Jones, do, co G; P A White, do, co C; J A S Balsden, 4th Ga, co A; D M Watson, 22d Ga, co H; Jessee Reese, do, co H J N Harris, do, co H; W P Whitlock, do, co G; W Kobynne, do, co H; N C Sanford, 3d Ga, co C; C H T , 1st La, co K; J Keller, do, co K; G Zupper, do, co K; A Breed, do, co I; J S Lorreins, do, co I; J Taylor, do, co C; J Barnwell, do, co E; J Kelley, do, co D; A H Leonard, do, co A; I A Cooley, do, co B; W Fryer, do, co B; J Blair, do, co A, dead; B S Gilham, do, co A; E Hoffman, do, co F; J W Atkinson, do, co A; Oliver Cole, do, co D, dead; John Tapscott, 13th N C, co E; R R McCoy, 10th Ala, co F.


Robt Smith, 38th N C; Nathan Baldwin, do; John Hartness, do; Wm McDeirth, 3d N C; Wm Bryant, do; Z Callahan, do; Wm N Owen, 16th N C; Wm B Coggin, 34th N C; Lewis F Berry, 16th N C; John B Martin, do; Thos J Jefferson, 22d N C; S B Davenport, 1st N C; Geo Brickhouse do; Jas Smith, 19th Miss; Thos W Covington, do; John W Courts, do; Jas O Bambo, do; W A J Welch, do; S D Knapp, 12th Miss; Levi T Butler, do; Thos B Nunn, 2d Mississippi battalion; H M Perkins, do; J T Bentley, 5th Alabama battalion; John Ingram, 13th Ala; Jesse T Walden, 26th Ala; John Bentel, 14th La; Jas Murphy, do; Jas Boyle, do; Mike Furgeson, do; Levi Byrd, 44th Ga; Jas Stricklin, 19th Ga; Alf L Bevers, 44th Ga; J W Sudduth, do; Joel J Edwards, do; Jas Upton, Holleway Artillery, Ala; Col Jas Conner, 22d N C; Jno R Godkin, 5th Ga.


Serg't A N Porter, 5th Ala bat; Wm B Burdine, 3d Ala; N J Acuff, 10th Ala; J H Worton, 14th Ala; M S Holland, 5th Ala bat, Chas Meyers, do do; S M Morgan, do do; J M Pettit, do do; R H Moore, mortal, do do; W D Adair, 10th Ala; J D Sweet, 14th Ala; J W Watts, 10th Ala; E J Matteson, 5th Ala bat; Serg't Jos Borden, do do; David Locular, do do; T B Johnson, do do; Lieut L Harris, 11th Ala; J E Williamson, 14th Ala; M L Bunkston, do do; John Griffin, dead, 5th Ala bat; Alex Martin, 13th Ala; J J Whittaker, 5th Ala bat; S B Kirkpatrick, do do; Serg't W H Markham, do do; Peter Hart, do do; J R Bradshaw, do do; J L Ross, 14th Ala; D F Henderson, do do; M B Colley, do do; W S Hale, 5th Ala bat; W C Anderson, 14th Ala; J J Phillips, do do.


J M St Johns, 35th Ga; D G Pope, 14th Ga; John Whitlock, 44th Va; J S Vintia, 40th Va; Seth Rockwell, R W Ezeli, 2d R R Donoway, 40th Va; J G Leland, 40th Va; Col M S Stuart, 1st N C; R E Owens, 40th Va; Jno H Gase, 38th N C; Lewis Hepler, 60th Va; Elias Helper, 60th Va; Samuel F Jones, 55th Va; J S Gilkison, 60th Va; Lieut P M Thaxton, 50th Va; Chas Marshall, 60th Va; Sergt M H Bland, 49th Ga; Capt R W Eubanks, 47th Va; J H Bush, 60th Va; John McCoy, 60th Va.


F G Hopson, co B, 4th Ga; G W Towns, co E, 4th Ga; J M Day, co I, 22d Ga; Geo Richardson, co F, 48th N C; C J Rich, co B, 48th N C; L Hall, do do; J D Almand, co D d Ga; M Edwards, co D, 4th Ga; T W Long, co d Ga; A H Preston, co G, 4th Ga; L G Adams, co A, 4th Ga; J M Witt, co C, 4th G; W J Tyler, co G, 4th Ga; H Weston, co C, 4th Ga; A J Stutts, co D, 48th N C; J Kensington, co C, 4th Ga; W H Lewis, co I, 44th Ga; W Y Brown, co E, 48th Ga; Corp'l C E Cook, do do; Capt J N Wilcox, co K, 28th Ga; Lieut Robt Mathews, co G, 44th Ga; G W Townsend, co E, 19th Ga; Henry H Cox, co F, 45th Ga; G A Brewer, co I, 44th Ga; F J Weldon, co E, 44th Ga; C N Little, co E, 14th Ga; D Buckner, Co I, 19th Ga; Jas Little, Co I, 49th Ga; Jas K Rye, Co A, 45th Ga; S M Hoskey, Co F, 48th Ga; R Y Beckham, Co H, 44th Ga; M Fussel, Co F. 49th Ga; I Stdstill. Co B, 49th Ga; T A Edwards, Co G, 35th Ga; J S Dowdy Co B, 49th Ga; Hiram Haney, Co A; 35th Ga, Jno Bonner, Co G, 19th Ga; Jno H Wilson, Co D, 35th Ga; Jno F Valentine, Co B, 14th Ga; Wm Beam, Co G, 35th Ga; S W Valentine, Co B, 14th Ga; J M Knight, Co G, 35th Ga; E W Dickson, Co K, 49th Ga; N V Covington, Co E, 49th Ga; R S Anderson, Co K, 49th Ga; W P Nobley, Co K, 49th Ga; H T Spinks, Co B, 35th Ga; E Able, co K, 19th Ga; G W Pierce, co C, 35th Ga; B A Chambers, co E, 19th Ga; S Holmes, co H, 44th Ga; Geo A Johnson, co B, 35th Ga; T W Latham, co E, 35th Ga; C S Ridley, co A, 19th Ga; J F Anderson, co F, 28th Ga; C Dupree, co D, 14th Ga; R J Mitchell, co G, 44th Ga; E Scogin, co I, 35th Ga; S L McBride, co A, 35th Ga; G P Williams, co H, 44th Ga; B A Heard, co B, 27th Ga; J J Hamilton, co I, 35th Ga; Jno V Reed, co G, 35th Ga; A E Harris, co A, 44th Ga; W Morris, co H, 28th Ga; W E Poteet, co D, 19th Ga; J W Bowman, co E, 35th Georgia.


Company A. Sergeant W D Brown, wounded in the face and did not leave the field; Col S Trent, killed; Richard J Anderson, wounded slightly.

Company D--Robt W Ezell, wounded in the leg; C R Hightower, wounded in the leg.

Company E--E H Dance, wounded in the knee; S S Townsend, wounded in the hand.

Company G.--Henry Mann, arm broken; John W Blake, wounded in the side, seriously; Reuben Wilson, arm broken; James Anderson, killed; W C Pullan, wounded in the thigh; Christopher Taylor, wounded in the hand.

Company H.--John H. Pace, wounded in the head; M L Webb, wounded slightly by a shell.

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