From the Charleston Mercury, 6/6/1863



Commodore PORTER’S official dispatch to the Yankee Navy Department states that he had sent an expedition up the Yazoo, which destroyed or captured property amounting in value to $2,000,000, including three powerful rams and one monitor, 310 feet long (unfinished), with a loss of one man killed and seven wounded.

BURNSIDE has communicated to BRAGG his determination to hang all rebel officers in his hands, in case BRAGG should retaliate for hanging of two spies, tried and executed according to the usages of war.

News from Europe to the 29th had been received. In the House of Lords, the Marquis of CLANRICARDE denounced the seizure of British vessels by United States cruisers as a violation of the law of nations. Earl RUSSELL replied, defending the course of the Yankee Government. He said that all its communications fully showed that it fully respected international law. The law officers of the Crown had reported that there was no national ground of objection to the decisions of the Northern Prize Courts.

Earl DERBY fully concurred in the views of Earl RUSSELL, and thought that every allowance ought to be made for the circumstances of provocation.

The latest returns of the State election, indicate the choice of General WILLIAM SMITH as Governor, SAMUEL PRICE as Lieutenant Governor, and the defeat of the following four members of the last Congress, who were candidates for re-election: GARNETT, LYONS, BOTELER and PRESTON. The returns also indicate the defeat of STAPLES.

VALLANDIGHAM, in an address to the Democratic party, dated at the Military Prison, Cincinnati, May 23, declares that he will recognize his allegiance to his own State and Governor, wherever he may be, as binding in all things, just the same as if he remained upon the soil.

The Tredegar Iron Works are again in full blast, most of the machinery destroyed by the late fire having been replaced. They can now turn out guns rapidly.

FRANCIS P. BLAIR, Jr., who was taken prisoner at Chancellorsville, and afterwards took the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, has been arrested on charge of larceny.

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