From the Richmond Examiner, Thursday, 7/2/1862, p. 2

THE PRISONERS AND THE PRISONS - Up to yesterday morning there had arrived at the several prisons in Richmond, in round numbers, four thousand some hundred Yankee prisoners from the scenes of the various engagements. They are quartered in the Libby prison, corner of Twentieth and Cary streets; Granger's, corner of Nineteenth and Cary; Farrer's, opposite Barry's, Twenty-fourth and Main, and in the Brick Church. The prisoners are representatives of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Maine regiments.

The Eleventh Pennsylvania and Fourth New Jersey were brought in nearly entire. The large building on Eighteenth street, between Main and Cary, is being fitted up to furnish additional accommodations for other prisoners in prospect. One room is being fitted for the accommodation of the higher grade.

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