From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/2/1862, p. 1, c. 3


About four hundred captured Yankees were brought into this city yesterday. Among the number was Major General George A. McCall, U. S. A., the next in command to McClellan. This officer, on his arrival, was conducted before General Winder, and paroled to stay within the limits embraced in the area covered by the Spotswood House. It is understood that he will continue there till the quarters now being prepared on 18th street are ready for the reception of all the abolition officers. We are not specially advised as to the circumstances attending his capture, but it is understood that he rode unconsciously into the line of our pickets at an early hour on Monday morning, and was immediately seized by them. Among the prisoners brought in yesterday were the following officers:

H S Lucas, 1st Lieutenant Co. C, 1st Pa.
F E Harrison, 2d Lieut 30th Pa.
W Hine, Capt. Toph. Engineers, U.S.A.
J A Stiles, Adjutant 20th Indiana.
Geo W Miller, 1st Lieut Co. H, 8th Pa
Wm Riddle, 2d Lieut 8th Pa
Chas G Otis, 2d Lieut Co. C, 2d N.Y.
J. T. Tovin, Capt Co. I, 42d N.Y.
J H McCord, 1st Lieut Co. G, 1st Pa.
Wm A Crafts, 1st Lieut 5th N.H.

In addition to the prisoners enumerated above, two squads – one of 150 and one of 350 – arrived last night. About 1,000 Yankees were brought in yesterday, and more were on the way.

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