From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/12/1862, of General Hospital #21.

Richmond, November 12th 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard Medical Director
                      I have the honor to report that I have this day inspected General Hospital No. 21 at the corner of Cary and 25th Streets - in the two factories owned by Wm H. Gwathmey and R. A. Mayo and leased at $150 per month - the first from January 1st 1862 and the second from May 1st 1862. The last was known as the "Maryland Hospital" when they were under a separate organization, and the first as "Gwathmey's."

The Buildings are 5 stories high, well lighted and ventilated - with gas and water fixtures but no bathroom - all the usual rooms are in the Hospital, and in the rear yard is a row of two story houses used as kitchens, Coal & wood houses, privies, and quarters for the coloured employees and also a dead house. Between the main building and these is a yard sufficient for exercise of the patients and common to the two buildings.

There are 5 wards properly designated by the Capital letters. The 5th floor is used as a dining room, mess and other rooms, for storage and accommodation of attendants - The capacity of each is 52 or 62 if able. It was greater in the summer before the erection of stoves &c.

Surgeon Semple is in charge, A.S. Coleman and A.A. Surgeon Hamlin and Nowlen are the Medical Staff - Hospital Steward Jos W. Hopkins is regularly appointed and receives no compensation except that allowed by the Q.M. Department $21.

Morning report shows 1 Steward, 33 nurses, 10 Cooks, 2 Laundresses & 37 vacant Beds, a guard of 1 Corpl and 4 men. 19 of them are detailed men unfit for active duty. One matron is engaged & no other is asked for or recommended. The Hospital Fund is and was on October 1st $133. Bread and flour are exchanged & sold(?) at the market price.

The condition of the wards, Stewards Department, Apothecaries and privies were inspected and nothing worthy of special commendation found, but not sufficient to call for special report.

The Surgeon in charge is absent. The persons and clothing of patients were not as neat and cleanly as they should be partly from there being no bath room. The privies all being in the back yard makes this Hospital inconvenient.

The Hospital Records were in good order and well preserved. The Wardmasters duties have been well attended to, both in regard to effects of the dead, the property of the Hospital and thee effects of patients entering the Hospital. There have been 8 cases of variola sent from this Hospital in the last few days & hence I directed the Surgeon in charge (acting) to admit no more new cases nor to discharge, transfer, furlough, or return to duty any now in the Hospital. I will address him in ____ing giving instructions for additional means of preventing contagion by cleanliness in the persons & clothing of the patients, their beds & bedding, fumigations and disinfectants around the privies, urinals, &c and regularity in the times of eating an improved diet as far as the rations & the Hosl fund will admit in addition to vaccination.

Very Respectfully
    Your Obedient Servant
         Wm A. Carrington
         Surgeon & Inspector of Hospls.

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