From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/16/62, of General Hospital #17.

Richmond, November 16th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medical Director,
                                   I have the honor to report that I have this day inspected Genl Hosl No. 17 formerly known as "The 4th Ga. Hosl" established May 1st/62 - Rented from Whitlock at $150 per annum, having been previously used as a tobacco factory - It is situated opposite Genl Hosl No. 16 on 21st St.

The building is a 4 storied brick house - having privies - an apothecary shop - wood house, dead house, & lodging rooms for servants in the yards.

On the 1st floor is an office - Dining room - wardroom - storeroom, messroom, & linen locker & kitchen - Laundry. The 3 other floors are the wards & from them are partitioned off quarters for the matron & white nurses.

The capacity of the Hosl is slated as 130 but 150 would be more exact. There is no bath room or bath, & they are necessary for the comfort & health of the patients.

The Medl Staff consists of:
J. B. Fickler, Surgeon in Charge
Wm. S. Nichols, A. A. Surgeon
A. F. Durham, A. A. Surgeon

The Hosl attendants consist [of]:
1 Steward
14 Nurses
5 Cooks
7 Laundresses

Hosl Steward J. S. Hill is not appointed but reported as very capable having had experience in managing hotels & large nos. of servants. I directed that Surgeon Fickler apply for his appointment by the Sec. of War to be forwarded through this office. He has hitherto received the pay of acting Hosl Steward & $30 from the Hosl fund. The clerk & apothecary are mustered as nurses. One white female nurse acts as Matron - The Surgeon in Charge wishes no more. His laundresses are negro women who attend to all the washing in the Hospl. Of the attendants, 4 enlisted men are regularly detailed for physical disability for active field duty.

The Surgeon in charge has his wards & beds numbered, his Hosl Records in good order & condition, the Steward & wardmaster's duties properly performed, an officer on duty at all times, the requisitions properly made & receipted, & himself makes a daily inspection of this Hosl & all the yards & out houses. He has also detailed convalescents as a guard contrary to Par: IX Genl orders Sept 20th. He has not observed Par X Genl Orders - Sept 20th & consequently reports 36 patients in private quarters, when only 5 or 6 report according to the regulations for patients in private quarters.

The patients, as above mentioned, suffer for personal cleanliness on account of the abscence of a bath. The beds & bedding, floors, walls & windows of the wards, spittoons, bed pans, slop pails, &c., The kitchen, kitchen utensils, Dining room, laundry, storerooms, privies & quarters, apothecary & shop, instruments were in good order & condition.

The Hosl fund is $860 - Bread is bartered for flour as at No. 16 lb for lb.

There is no other guard than the invalids & convalescents & one has been directed to be made requisition for.

A delay of some days has kept convalescents from being transferred to Winder to make out payrolls & be paid off - otherwise the Par IX Genl orders Sept 20th has been observed - except as above further mentioned. The monthly report for October shows an aggregate of 275. Sent to Genl Hosl 12, Returned to duty 47, Discharged 5, Died 3. Deserted none, Remaining 118, Furloughed 120. A remarkable contrast between the No returned to duty & furloughed.

Very Respectfully,
    Your Obedient Servant,
        Wm. A. Carrington
            Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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