From the Richmond Enquirer, 6/5/1862, p. 2, c. 5

THE CONNECTING RAILWAY – ACCIDENTS. – It has often been remarked that boys have been permitted to play about the cars on the railways connecting the principal depots together, without any hindrances whatever. We observed, a day or two since, some eight or ten little fellows on the track running from the Central depot up Broad street. – They were chasing the train as it was steamed up the hill, one or two more were hanging on to the last car, and the coupling pin attaching this car to the one before it had been drawn nearly out by the strain upon it. Every moment the pin was giving away, and the coupling was slipping. Fortunately the train reached the top of the hill in time to save the car from being precipitated back, and the limbs and lives of the boys, who were following, from paying the penalty of their thoughtlessness. On Tuesday evening, an accident, from the same cause really occurred upon the road connecting the Petersburg with the Fredericksburg depot. Two of the cars broke from their coupling, when the train had reached the Catholic church, and rushing back, two youths, who were seated upon one of them for a ride, were thrown from their positions, and one of them named Totty, had both legs broken, and the other, Joseph Lowry, had both legs cut off, and his skull fractured. The latter's injuries were believed to be fatal.

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