From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/29/1862, p. 1, c. 3

Departure of a Flag of Truce. – Two hundred and forty five Abolition prisoners of war, and ninety-eight citizen prisoners of the North, will be sent to City Point this morning, at 7 o'clock, under flag of truce, in charge of Lieut. Jas T. Vaughan, of the City Battalion. Included in this number of prisoners of war are eleven Abolition officers, viz: J Hite, Captain Company B, 54th Pennsylvania; E R Newhard, Captain Company K, same regiment; John Cole, First Lieutenant in same company; H C Wagner, First Lieutenant, and H G Bear, Second Lieutenant Company B, same regiment; A H Bratton, Captain of Kentucky Home Guards; F M Johnson, Second Lieutenant, 11th Maine; E P Hudson, First Lieutenant Company B, 6th Connecticut; B F Pronty, Captain Company E, 6th Connecticut; W H Maisch, Acting Master gunboat Cambridge; H W Wells, Master's Mate, same boat.

The one hundred and sixty-odd men, of the 54th Pennsylvania Regiment, captured by Col. Imboden on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, some time ago, and who have since been held as hostages for our partisan rangers in the hands of the enemy, have been released, and are included in the lot to be sent off, our men having been returned for exchange — Included, also, in the number who go today, is Col. Thos. J. Jordan, of the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment, for sometime past confined in Castle Thunder on charges seriously affecting him, both as an officer and gentleman. He was captured by Col. Forrest, in Tennessee. Citizens of that State, hearing of it, represented that while in command of a Federal regiment in their State he had authorized his men to rob, murder, and steal, and commit other species of diabolism not necessary to mention. He was examined yesterday by the Secretary of War and paroled, and returns home to- day.

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