Thomas P. Turner Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond City
Sept. 20th 61

Genl. S. Cooper, Adjutant Genl of the Confederate States Army,


I have the honor to solicit the appointment of 2d Lieut. in the Army of the Confederate States, and would respectfully refer to the accompanying letters of recommendation from Col. Francis H. Smith Supt. of V. M. Institute, Gen. Thos. J. Jackson, Col. Preston, Col. Chas. W. Field, and Hon. Alex. R. Boteler.

Allow me if you please to state my antecedents. I was for 3 years cadet at the Va. Mil. Institute and one year at West Point. Upon resigning my cadetship at West Point, I was commissioned by Gov. Letcher a Lieut. in the “Provisional Army” of Va, and have for the last 4 months been in active service with Genl. T. J. Jackson’s Brigade.

Allow me also to mention, that all of my classmates, and others who were cadets with me at West Point, and resigned, have [page break] upon application, been appointed to positions in the C. S. Army – those under age receiving cadetships, those of age, Lieutenancies.

The “Provisional Army of Va” in which I was commissioned, being disbanded, I am for the present out of the service, and would most respectfully and earnestly solicit prompt action upon my application; I would not remain idle when my state and country are invaded, and whilst others are gaining fame and reputation.

I have the honor Genl, to be
Your Obdt Servt,
Thomas P. Turner

P. S.

My age is 21 years and 5 months.
Post Office, Richmond City


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