From the Richmond Whig, 8/4/1865, p. 2, c. 6


Provost Marshal’s Office – Second District. – Thursday, August 3. – Mary Rogers, found out of Castle Thunder before the expiration of her sentence, was arrested and recommitted.

D. K. Monroe and John G. Folley, 24th Mass. Regiment. Charge – drunk and disorderly, and striking a city policeman. Case sent to the Provost Court for trial.

James Parrish, colored, vs. Burkley Tyler, also colored. Complainant lost his pocket-book Wednesday night, and swore Tyler stole it. A witness (female) testified that she saw Tyler with the pocket-book. Accused discharged.

Martha Ann Carter, colored, complained that her husband had left her and taken up with another woman. Said he was at Fortress Monroe, and just brought complainant up to Richmond. – Says he just hangs to that woman, and wants to hang to complainant, too. Complainant wanted her husband, and that other woman ought to be taken up and sent to Castle Thunder. Case sent to Lieut. Merrill, 10th and Capitol sts.

United States vs. Miles Johnson and Jno Kelly, charged with selling liquor to soldiers, and violating orders by keeping their shop open after 10 o’clock at night. Sent to the Provost Court.

Martha Green, colored, vs. Martha Carter, also colored. Complainant charges that, while in the market yesterday morning, selling melons and onions, Martha Carter came up to her, struck her and beat her and choked her, saying: “You have my husband, you huzzy! You have tangled up my husband and got him so dissipated that he don’t stay with me.” Case dismissed.

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