From the Richmond Examiner, 3/10/1866, p. 3, c. 5

THE CHIMBORAZO HILL RIOTERS – THE WHITE ELEMENT IN COURT – ALL SAVE ONE DISCHARGED. – Yesterday the young men arrested charged with riotously and unlawfully assembling together, with twenty others, more or less, and with assaulting and beating Robert Green, negro, on Chimborazo Hill, on the night of the 1st of March, had an examination before Judge McEntee. In this, that they, the said James H. O’Keiff and Leonidas R. Peay, with others, riotously assembled, did proceed to the house of Robert Green, corner of Twenty-ninth and Leigh streets, and did, then and there, act in a tumultuous and disorderly manner, threatening and counseling acts of violence to the person and property of Green; that they did break open the doors and throw stones through the windows of the house; that they did assault, strike, cut and bruise the said Green with a club or rail, and did threaten to take the life of the said Robert Green.

The accused were without counsel, and pleaded “not guilty” to the charge and specifications.

A great mass of negro testimony was taken, and the fact of participation, to some extent, in the alleged disturbance, was fixed pretty conclusively upon O’Keiff. He was held to bail in the sum of $500 to appear before the Provost Judge hereafter, at such time as he may be summoned.

The eight other youths, charged with being concerned in the riot, were released.

Thus has “fizzled out” the great Chimborazo Hill riot case.

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