From the National Tribune, 12/31/1903


     Comrade H. J. Peters, of Rogersville, O., who was Corporal of Co. H., 126th, he omits to say what - asks for a few reasons why, and says that he was 15 months hunting ferocious and bloodthirsty graybacks in Libby, Belle Isle, Andersonville, Pemberton, Savannah, Millen, Florence, Blackshire and Goldsboro. He propounds these queries:

     "I would like to put the following questions to the veterans and readers of your esteemed paper:

     "Why did the Confederates build the cook house on Belle Island below the sinks?

     "Why don't some of the boys who had to ride the high wooden horse on Belle Island tell their experience on the Island?

     [Three following questions relate to Andersonville - not transcribed]

     "Why do not some of those Germans who belonged to a New York regiment and were in a tent besides me on Belle Island, and who ate Lieut. Bossieux's bull dog - a piece of whose paw I brought with me out of prison - give their experience on Belle Isle bull dog soup?

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