From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/4/1862, p. 2

A New Hospital has been established in the large warerooms under the Spottswood House, formerly occupied by Lanier & Brothers. A number of wounded soldiers have received there the most careful nursing and attention. On Sunday, at the suggestion of Bishop McGill, the congregation at St. Peter's Cathedral unanimously determined to send their church cushions down to this hospital for the use of the wounded. It was done accordingly the same morning. Gen. Winder, who commands the Department of Henrico, deserves the utmost gratitude of the friends of the soldier for his evident solicitude in their behalf. Since the battle, and in anticipation of it, he not only has worked himself to secure the wounded good quarters, but has listened to every suggestion having a tendency to mitigate their sufferings. It may without exaggeration be said that he has done all that a humane man could do in the premises, and, incited by his example, his officers and those under him have usefully and laboriously exerted themselves to the same end.

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