From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/23/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Fire Brigade. – We are informed by the President of the City Council that there is considerable danger of the city being left not properly provided against the ravages of fire by the operation of the conscript act passed at the last session of Congress, which, together with the refusal of the Secretary of War to interfere in the matter, bids fair to throw into the army all of those who have heretofore aided to extinguish fires occurring in the city. The members of the Fire Department were exempted from the operation of the conscript law by the Secretary of War for ten days, that period expiring on Wednesday, when he refused to renew the exemption, and referred the city authorities to Congress. The President was then appealed to, and evinced some interest in the matter, but up to yesterday nothing had been done, and the men composing the department were liable at any moment to be carried to Camp Lee by the enrolling officers. The Brigade numbers 81 men, of which 51 are liable to be conscripted.

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