From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/14/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Prison Items. – The following arrivals were chronicled yesterday at Castle Thunder: Wm. Taylor, steamer Patrick Henry, drunk and disorderly; Jno Finney and Charles Atkinson, co D, 18th Va Battalion for confinement; J H Bennett, returned from Camp Lee; Thos Kreeley, Fayette Artillery, subject to orders of Capt. Mason; Jno Finnegan, co K, 6th La; Martin Miller, co D, 1st La; Jas D Glass, co F, 44th Va; A J Dalton; Thos. Brooke, Capt Kevale’s (?) co. to be court martialed; Thos Welsh, co D, 46th Va. Do; Thos Jones and Joseph Cooper, leaving city without passports; Tom Cogtelle(?), co C, 1st Va, drunk; Geo Washington, slave of Mrs Brandon, runaway; John Cesle(?), co C Wheat’s Battalion, desertion. The discharges yesterday were Chas Williams, Chas H Kent, J D Pitt, B Mulls, John F McKay, S L Mullis, Jerry Clapp, Jacob Mu??, Wm Chappall, and Mike Ettendro. There were in confinement yesterday 141 prisoners, including deserters to be court martialed, prisoners under ??? sentence, and others.

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