Thomas P. Turner Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond, Nov. 22nd 1863


My position as commandant of the military prisons in Richmond is an onerous duty, and one of considerable responsibility. I am daily harassed by officers of superior rank, that are ordered to report to me, but who seem unwilling to obey my orders, because I am their junior.

Claiming no merit for myself, particularly, abhorring to apply for promotion, and much preferring to be relieved from this duty; yet I desire most respectfully to represent to you the embarrassing situation in which I am placed, and to respectfully ask, if I am longer continued in command of the prisons, (on account of that position, and the surrounding circumstances entirely,) that I may receive increased rank.

I have the honor to be
General, very Respectfully
Your Obt Svt
Th. P. Turner
Capt &c

Brig. Genl. Jno. H. Winder
Comdg &c &c

Respectfully referred to Secretary of War. Capt. Turner is a most faithful & efficient officer & has performed his very unpleasant duties most faithfully - his duties are rendered very unpleasant & difficult by the constant contact with officers of ??? ???. I most respectfully request that he be promoted to a Maj only.

Jno. H. Winder

Nov. 23 1863

Adj G

Promoted as recommended

J. S. Seddon

23 Nov. 63

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