From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 9/27/1865, p. 3, c. 1

THE ATLANTIC BASE BALL CLUB – The young men forming this Club, met Monday evening, at their rooms in the Female Institute Building, and adopted their Constitution by By-Laws. Four accessions to active membership and one honorary member were made. The club is now in fine trim, and are ready to commence active operations. They will play the afternoon, it it is pleasant, at their grounds on Franklin street, just above Stuart Hospital. The spirit shown is excellent, and every member seems determined to enter into the required duties with a degree of earnestness which is highly commendable.

The officers of the Club are as follows: - President, J. H. Emerick; Vice President, D. W. Martin; Decretary, Jos. R. Albertson; Treasurer, T. W. Davis. A Board of Directors was elected last evening, and was made to consist of Messrs. A. Unkels, L. C. Baitley, and Thomas O’Brien. Mr. Wm. S. O’Brien was made Field Captain.

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