Richmond Whig, 4/8/1865, p. 4, c. 1


The statement that there would be a meeting last evening of such members of the Virginia Legislature as still remained in the city was not strictly correct. There was no meeting of legislators or others; but simply an informal conference and consultation of private individuals, among whom were five or six members of the Legislature. The motive of these gentlemen in coming together was to hear from Judge Campbell the terms upon which President Lincoln had expressed himself as willing that Virginia might return to the Union.
Messrs. Joseph R. Anderson, David I. Burr, Nathaniel P. Tyler, and H. W. Thomas were appointed a committee to inform the Legislature and Gov. Smith of President Lincoln's terms; and Judge Campbell was requested to accompany the committee, who were to leave the city so soon as passports could be procured. It was said to be probable they would get off this morning.
We prefer not to state our understanding of Mr. Lincoln's terms, as our information on that head is not official.

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