Richmond Whig, 4/8/1865, p. 1, c. 2

PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S RICHMOND JOKE. – Ever since Mr. Lincoln's visit to Richmond the public have been on the qui vive to know whether His Excellency did not hear, or see something that reminded him of a joke. That he must have said something good, was in idea fixed stubbornly in the public mind. We made diligent enquiries among the best informed, and we congratulate ourselves on being fortunate enough to secure the following ahead of the New York Herald:
President Lincoln, at the Jeff Davis Mansion, in Jeff's easy chair, leaning back with palms behind his head, and pedal extremities extended –
Visitor – "Mr. Lincoln, how do you feel?"
Mr. Lincoln – "Well, I don't know; I think I feel just as well as if I were in my own house."

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