From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/7/1863, p. 2, c. 1

RELIEF FOR THE POOR-For the purpose of relieving the wants and necessities of the wives and families of our brave soldiery in the field, as well as the honest poor generally, the following arrangements have been made:

A committee of forty-eight gentlemen, two for each of the twenty four districts, will be appointed in co-operation with the ladies of the Union Benevolent Society, to visit each family in the city, ascertain its actual condition, and furnish tickets allowing the holder to such supplies as may be received at the depots. Two depots have been established:

1st. Corner of 6th and Clay streets-C Bates, Superintendent.
2d. On Cary, between 14th and 15th streets – Jno Lyon, Superintendent


1st District - 1st street, below Cary, out west, including Penitentiary Hill – Geo Gibson.
2d. South side of Broad to Cary from 1st out west – W Bigelow.
3d. From Broad to Leigh, from 1st out west – A U Mayo and Alex Denny.
4th. From 1st street to Brook Avenue, from Leigh out north – Moses Ellyson.
5th. Brook Avenue, from Leigh street, Bacon Quarter Branch, and vicinity – Roger Martin and John ???
6th. From 9th to 4th street, from Broad to the river – Asa Snyder and John Knowles.
7th. 1st and 3d streets, from Broad to the Poorhouse – Dr John H Ellerson and A L Edwards.
8th. 3d to 6th streets, from Broad to Poor house - Wm J Bevil and Charles W Allen
9th. 4th to 6th streets from Broad to river – Dr J Hall Moore and Cary Nicholas.
10th. 6th to 8th streets, both sides from Broad to the river – B B Hundley and J R Kaininghan.
11th. 8th to 9th streets, from Broad up north – S M Bailey and Joel B.Watkins
12th. 9th to 17th streets, from Broad to Main – R O Howe
13th. 8th to 10th streets, from Main to the river – Wm Gray and Wm A Wright.
14th. 10th to 13th streets, from Main to the river-W G Dandridge and F B Hart.
15th. 13th to 19th streets, from Main to the river- Jerkes[?] J Fry.
16th. 19th to 20th streets, from Main to the river – R J Christian.
17th. 17th to 19th streets, from Main to Venable – Thomas Clemmitt and Samuel M Price.
18th. From Venable street up the Valley – G R Chamberlayne and Alex McRae.
19th. 19th to 25th streets, from Main to Broad – Wm Willis Jr, and Wm H Clemmitt.
20th. 25th street to Bloody Run - John W Ferguson and Wm Craig.

The committees will proceed at once to visit the poor and distribute tickets.

Supplies may be sent to the Superintendents at their depots.

Contributions in money may be handed to the Visiting Committee, or to Wm P Manford, Treasurer.


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