From the Richmond Examiner, 2/1/1866, p. 3, c. 4

MAGGIE MITCHELL ON THE RAMPAGE. – Maggie Mitchell, (not “our Maggie,”) a wild flower, pretty, very saucy, and, alas! very abandoned, was brought to Chief of Police headquarters last evening, upon the charge of creating a disturbance among the niggers at Camp Lee, threatening Sergeant David Smith, of the Eleventh United States regulars, in charge, and drawing a pistol upon him and threatening to shoot him. Maggie carried a very fine accordeon, from which she was wont to coax tunes, to which all the niggers danced until they were delirious with joy. This interfered with their studies; hence Maggie was warned to keep away with her musick box. Then it was Maggie displayed her temper and her pistol. Maggie lives on the Grove road, in a great big brick house, all by herself – sometimes, but not always.

Sergeant Smith deposed that her house was the resort of soldiers, beguiled there by the plaintive notes of her accordeon; that the house itself was dilapidated and dirty as a pig stye, and that the census of the rat and mice population ought at once to be taken.

Maggie, when locked up in a cell, begged hard to be allowed the companionship of her accordeon, that she might solace her confinement by touches of musick, but the turnkey, who had no musick in his soul, refused.

Maggie says she was born, bred and raised in Augusta county, in this State, and can take the stripes from anything dressed in blue. She will make her debut before the Mayor this morning.

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