From the Richmond Sentinel, 4/3/1865, p. 1, c. 5

MAYOR’S COURT. – The following business was disposed of by the Mayor on Saturday:

J. F. Rawlings, G. W. Clolanthy, R. B. Cooper, Carter Irivng and Thos. Holmes, were required to give security to keep the peace for riotous and disorderly conduct in Mrs. Felby’s bar room.

William Appleyard and Peter Reynolds, we consent on to the Hustings Court for stealing a piece of cloth from the tailor shop of J. W. Stagg. Appleyard confessed the theft.

Mrs. Anne McMahon, charged with dealing with slaves, was acquitted.

John P. Sledd, charged with being mixed up with the unlawful selling of a negro named Phil, slave of Mrs. Indiana Knoxville, was discharged.

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