From the Leavenworth (Kan.) Weekly Times, 3/21/1872, p. 4, c. 2

The Richmond Postmistress.

The head of the Richmond Postoffice, Miss Van Lew, does not seem to be able to organize the sterner portion of humanity so as to insure dispatch and efficiency in the department over which she presides. Yesterday the Virginia merchants did not receive their letters, and, as a matter of course, they wanted to know why. Miss Van Lew had to explain. The fact she had endeavored to induce the chief clerk to undertake more work than he could well perform, and on his refusal to obey orders his mistress discharged him. Thereupon his fellow clerks and the carriers held an indignation meeting, deprecating female rule, and were positively sufficiently ungrateful to their taskmistress to tell her that if she did not reinstate the chief clerk she might have all the business herself. They struck for a principle. – N. Y. Herald.

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