From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 2/1/1872, p. 2, c. 1


The impression having gone abroad, that a change is likely to be made in the Richmond Postoffice, numerous candidates for the succession have been mentioned and urged by their respective friends. We have the kindest feeling towards all these gentlemen, and wish them all possible advancement. We are sorry that the Republican party has not more places to bestow upon all its worthy adherents. It is proper for us to say, however, that Miss Van Lew holds the postoffice as a recognition of important services rendered to the Union cause, in times of peril, and also in virtue of her true womanhood. In every good cause her heart and purse are always open. She will not be removed from the office of Postmaster while she discharges its duties with fidelity and is loyal to the Republican cause. If serious maladministration is proved to the satisfaction of the Postoffice Department, Miss Van Lew will not be retained. But charge must be regularly preferred and sustained, before the proper tribunal, and a fair opportunity given to make a defense. If then a vacancy is made Mr. Porter, the member of Congress from Richmond district, will be consulted as to a successor, and he will ask the Republicans of Richmond to name their choice, as we are assured by him. The information above given is authentic as any can be, and we give it to save wasted efforts and annoyance to the party, by a contest which will be barren of results, unless, as we have stated, serious charges are established against Miss Van Lew. It is best for all parties interested that the precise state of the case should be known.

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