From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/1/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Neighborly Jars. – The classic locality known as "the Valley," furnished the Mayor, yesterday morning, with a page from the real life of its blissful inhabitants. One of the characters represented was Miss Katy Duke, proprietess of a general commodity shop, upon which the Provost Guard made a descent a few weeks ago, and rescued a barrel of 'sperrits' from premature destruction. Miss Duke had her suspicions, and putting that and that together, launched them with all the force of woman's eloquence upon the guiltless head of Miss Minerva Meredith. Miss Sarah Hensworth, being a friend of Miss Duke, shared the anguish of her misfortune and participated in the assault upon Miss Minerva's peace. With that courageous placidity with which an individual avoids a row when he is conscious that he will have to encounter two to one, Miss Minerva bore their barbed shafts without a seeming murmur, but noted, for future reference, the conduct of her adversaries. Chagrined at her admirable nonchalance, they reinforced themselves with the addition of a couple of boys, Andrew Perdue and Johnny Camp, whose capabilities for teasing had grown historic in the Valley, and then making a combined effort, they threw the hitherto impregnable Minerva from her equilibrium, and in despair she appealed to the Mayor for vengeance. – The good character of Miss Meredith being attested to by sundry police officers, his royal rotundity required each of the offenders to give security in the sum of $100 to keep the peace for twelve months.

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