From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/25/1862, p. 1, c. 5

A FATAL LEAP. – On yesterday afternoon, about half past two o'clock, a soldier named James Cary, of Company C., Wheat's Battalion, was brought to the Baskerville Hospital, on Cary street, IN ARTICULO MORTIS, from a supposed fracture of the skull, indicated by complete coma, bleeding at the nose, mouth and ears, and inability to swallow. Remedies were ineffectual and he died in half an hour after being received. It seems that the deceased was stopping at the Columbian Hotel, lodging in a room on the second floor, overlooking the back yard, and having a difficulty about one o'clock with several persons in the room, attempted to escape arrest by the police, who had been sent for and jumped out of the window, designing to land on a shed about four or five feet from the main building, and some six feet below the window. He missed the shed and fell to the area below, a distance of some forty feet, with the result above mentioned. William Jones, one of the parties engaged in the difficulty was placed under arrest. No inquest was deemed necessary in this case.

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