From the Richmond Enquirer, 4/21/1851, p. 2, c. 5

[From the Savannah Georgian.]

The admirers of good machinery, as well as persons disposed to order Steam Engines, are recommended to examine one now at work on Dr. Daniell’s Oglethorpe plantation, Back River, which was made at the above named works.

The proprietor, J. R. Anderson, Esq., was educated at West Point – served some years in the army, and was engaged under Col. Mansfield in the construction of the Fortificaitons at Cockspur, and is well known to some of our citizens as a gentleman of great energy and business like habits. He has directed his attention and resources to qualify himself for supplying the Southern and Southwestern States with Steam Engines, Sugar Mills and Machinery generally, and the productions of his establishment have already acquired a very high reputation in the sugar district of Louisiana, where they are unsurpassed.

Much of his work is done by slave labor and he proposes to supply to the slave-holding States Engines and other machinery, of the best quality both as to material and workmanship, on terms as favorable as they can be obtained further North. The iron of Virginia, which he uses, is of excellent quality, and the coal beds in the neighborhood of Richmond supply him with good and cheap fuel.

The Engine now at work in Dr. Daniell’s mill, is well calculated to command the approval of every admirer of good machinery. It has been visited by a gentleman of this city, made familiar by a long residence in Europe with the best Engines, and he declares that the Engine in question works with more smoothness, with less noise and jar than any Engine which he has ever seen, at home or abroad, with the exception of the Engine in the mint at Philadelphia, which was made with great care and without regard to cost, for the delicate operation of coining.

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