From the Richmond Examiner, 1/22/1866, p. 3, c. 3

DEPARTURE OF THE TROOPS – IRISH AND NEGROES PLUNDERING HOWARD’S GROVE. – On Saturday, after the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment had left Howard’s Grove, a large crowd of Irish and negroes gathered together and commenced pillaging the abandoned quarters. They had a number of carts and wagons, and were loading them rapidly when Captain Foster, of the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts, interfered and made them disgorge their plunder. After night the same party of Irish and negroes returned and threatened that, if they were molested, they would burn the place and shoot Mrs. Foster. During the night the riotous scene was kept up, and a number of houses were torn down. Yesterday a guard was sent out to the Grove, who dispersed the crowd, apprehending the ringleaders, and lodged them safely in Castle Thunder to await their trial.


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