From the Richmond Whig, 8/18/1865, p. 2, c. 5

The Exchange Hotel. – Yesterday arrangements were perfected, we learn, by which the lease of the Exchange Hotel is transferred from Mr. A. Winch to Messrs. I. L. Carrington & Co., of Richmond, late lessees of the American Hotel, Main street, destroyed by the fire of April 3d. Mr. A. J. Ford, one of the firm of Wright & Co., lessees of the American at the time of its destruction, is one of the new firm assuming control of the Exchange. – They are all business gentlemen of tact, liberality, courtesy and energy, and well versed in the mysteries of hotel keeping. Mr. Winch, as the original lessee, has put many improvements upon the hotel in anticipation of opening the same, and these improvements, of course, will be accounted for by the new lessees in their assumption of the lease, which is on the same terms accorded the original lessee. Messrs. Carrington & Co. hope to have the Exchange open by the 15th of September, but it may be later before the furniture can be obtained, and all the thousand and one arrangements perfected.

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