From the Richmond Whig, 1/12/1865, p. 1, c. 5

BLOCKADED. – No passports are being issued for, and no travel is allowed, along the Meadow Bridge, Mechanicsville, Nine Mile, or Williamsburg roads. – This is said to be according to the order of General Longstreet. Its object is clearly to stop the large emigration of negroes from this city to the Yankee lines, and this makes us doubt that General Longstreet has had anything to do with the matter. We do not think it likely he would concern himself with the flight of Richmond negroes. Whosoever work it is, it is a bad blow for citizens of Richmond. A great deal of the stuff – such as potatoes, peas, turnips, chickens, turkeys, oysters, &c., that we have been living upon came to the city by these roads. – Now that the roads are blockaded, these supplies are cut off, but we will venture to say that the Hegira is not stopped. It is easy enough to stop market carts, and to stop the travel of persons bent on lawful business, for such as these follow the highways. But deserters and fugitive negroes will keep to the woods and escape as before. However, so it is; the roads mentioned are blockaded, and the siege of Richmond progresses.

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