From the National Archives, Record Group 109, Ch. VI, Vol. 324 (Reports of Officers of the Day, Chimborazo Hospital No. 2). Not all entries were transcribed – only interesting ones. Most entries are very short and positive. Typescripts made by Michael D. Gorman, 12/17/2001 .

Chimborazo Hospl No. 2 Nov 3/64

Having Inspected this division, I report scarcity of firewood; there was very little yesterday afternoon in the wards, convalescent patients had taken their beds to keep warm, and general scarcity of woodpile - otherwise I report favorably

John Jackson
Officer of the Day

Chimborazo Hospital No. 2
Nov 10/64

Having inspected this Division I respectfully report scarcity of fuel & lights; also a want of soap alledged by wardmasters as a reason for unclean bandages furnished for dressing, and the same reason for unclean clothing for patients; otherwise I report favorably.

John Jackson
Off of day

Chimborazo Hospital Nov 17/64

Surgn Habersham

                     Sir, Having inspected this division I have to report a general good condition of wards; the food at convalescents table at dinner was insufficient in quantity, the quality of bread very bad indeed - The officers sleeping quarters open and uncomfortable.

Very Respy
John Jackson
Off. of the day

Chimborazo Hospital Div. 2 Nov. 28

Surg. S. E. Habersham

                   Sir I respectfully report Hospt in good condition generally. Except for want of light. I was called to see a patient last night & no light to be found & no candles for the Officer of the day. We cant prescribe in the dark well.

Jno Jackson off of the day

Chimborazo Hospl No 2
Dec 6th/64

Surgn S. E. Habersham

      Sir -
                Having inspected the wards - kitchen & premises of this Division - I report them in usual condition: tolerably good - the Privy needs cleaning & scouring.

Very respectully
Your Obt Servt
E. W. Gordon Asst Surgn
Officer of the day

Chimborazo Hospital Dec 16

Having made the usual inspection of this Division I find the general condition good but must again report scarcity of soap and a complaint, among the patients convalescent, of insufficiency of bread.

John Jackson

Chimborazo Hospital
Dec 28 1864

Surgn In Charge

                   I have examined & inspected as is customary, and find scarcity of light, inattention of servants to office in morning. Respy John Jackson

Chimborazo Hospital Jan 3 1865

Surgeon in charge

                  On examination I find scarcity of fuel to an extent of discomfort and exposure of patients; office so uncomfortable that ordinary comfort is out of the question - there is also complaint of want of sufficient food - Candles wanting for necessary purposes. Respy

Jno Jackson Act Asst Surgn
Chim Hos

P. S. In ward A - No wood for 2 days

Chimborazo Hospital Division 2 (no date, but probably 1/8/1865 )

Surgn S. E. Habersham,

      On inspection of this division I find complaint by matron on account of entire want of flour in her department, scarcity of poultry & other general articles - The laundryman has no soap in some wards there is want of soap.

Jno Jackson Act Asst Surgn

Chimborazo Hospital No. 2 Jan 11th/65

Surgn in Chge No 2

      Sir - I report the Hospital in the usual condition - the fuel in most of them is greatly deficient much to the discomfort of the sick & convalescents. Also there is great complaint among the sick - for want of wheat bread - Especially those who are suffering from Diarrhea & Dysentery.

Your Obt Servt
E. W. Gordon Asst Surgn
Officer of Day

Chimborazo 2d Division
March 7th 65

Surg S. E. Habersham

    Sir -
          I have inspected the hospital according to order & have to report no wood, a scarcity of bed clothes in some wards, & of chamber pots. The flour weighed for mess room & matrons & each man in former received his full allowance of bread.

Very Respectfuly
Yr. obt Servt
E. S. Harrison, O. D.

Chimbo Hosp No 2
Mar 11th 1865

Surg S. E. Habersham

         I respectfully report the Hospl in poor condition wood insufficient & cover too light. Great want of wheat bread for Diarrhea patients. Great want of milk for those on light diet - patients get their allowance

E. W. Gordon
Asst Sugn & off day

March 21 st 65

Surg S. E. Habersham

          I am sorry to report the condition of the patients very uncomfortable from want of sufficient bed clothing, medicines & proper nourishment. Also, not a sufficient number of attendant in some of the wards to keep them tolerably decent.

Yr Obt. Servt
E. S. Harrison

March 26th 65

Surg S. E. Habersham

           We are still very much in need of particular medicines to enable us to render proper medical aid to the sick. In other respects supplies are reasonable.

Yr. Obt Sevt
E. G(?). Harrison

Chimborazo Hospl March 28th/65

Surg S. E. Habersham

           I report the Hospl in usual condition - no fuel, bed clothing. Too lights - great need of opium & Lu___ - & of nutritious diet such as eggs milk & wheat bread. Inattention of some of the ward masters.

Very Respectfully
E. W. Gordon

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