From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/2/1862, p. 3, c. 3

A MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE OF ST. CHARLES HOSPITAL will be held at 7½ o’clock this (THURSDAY) evening, at their office in the Hospital. As it is desireable that there shall be a full meeting, it is hoped that every member will attend.

The following gentlemen are members of the Committee:

John D. Harvey,

Wellington Goddin,

John Enders, B. W. Haxall,
Isa W. Walker, S. J. Rutherfoord,
J. H. Martin, J. L. Apperson,
L. W. Fraysier, E. Clark,
Chas. Bates, Thos. Vaden,
Geo. Watt, Geo. S. Palmer,
E. A. Smith, Robt. A. Mayo,
L. Lottier, J. A. Hobson,
John Gibson, J. Johnson,
Edward Wilson, C. Burnett,
F. W. Redford, E. M. Cardozo.
A. B. Wells,  

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