From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/11/1910, p. 10, c. 6

Mothers’ Club Advocates Its Purchase for Schoolhouse.

With the idea of obtaining a new and adequate school on the Van Lew property, with ample playgrounds away from the trolley line, the Mothers’ Co-Operative Club of the Bellevue School met yesterday afternoon in the kindergarten rooms of the school. There were present more than 200 members of the club, and the meeting was most enthusiastic. An address was made by Mrs. Whitlock, representing the Federation of Mothers’ Clubs. Joseph H. Saunders, principal of the school, spoke on Five Ways in Which Mothers Can Co-Operate in the Work of a School.

The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. W. H. Curry; First Vice-President, Mrs. W. F. Smith; Second Vice-President, Mrs. J. G. Carter; Secretary, Mrs. A. B. Clarke; Treasurer, Miss Mattie W. Hatcher; Librarian, Miss E. P. Neale.

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