From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/29/1903, p. 2, c. 3

Cumberland Veterans and Sons of Veterans Aid the Movement.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)

CUMBERLAND COURTHOUSE, VA., January 28. – This is County Court day, but little business was done and the court adjourned at an early hour to allow the veterans of the county to hold a meeting, the object of which was to formulate a plan to raise means to aid the Stuart Monument Association in erecting a monument to that gallant Confederate officer, who fell before Richmond in 1864.

Major A. R. Venable, of Prince Edward, who was one of General Stuart’s staff officers, was present, and delivered a splendid address, which was great appreciated by all who hear him.

Dr. John L. Banks, who, with his command, served with General Stuart during the war, was unanimously elected chairman, and Captain John A. Booker acted as secretary.

The following committee, most of whom are sons of Confederate veterans, were appointed to solicit subscription: J. Thornton Foster, C. C. Corson, S. W. Sheppard, V. A. Gilliam, T. H. Perkins, A. T. Coleman, A. T. Agee, C. T. Agee, Henry Amos, P. E. Grigg, W. H. Foster, Willie Robinson and Milliard Parker.

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