From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 8/16/1872, p. 1, c. 5

CITY COUNCIL. – The City Council met yesterday afternoon in adjourned session. A great deal of routine business was transacted.

…The proposition of the committee on public grounds and buildings to appropriate $1,100 for the improvement of Marshall Square was rejected.

Mr. Scott, of Jefferson ward, presented the petition of over three hundred citizens, asking the Council to sell Marshall Square or Park, and to purchase instead Chimborazo heights.

The following resolution, offered by Mr. Bossieux was referred to the committee on public grounds and buildings:

Resolved, That the city attorney be and is hereby authorized to have issued at the September term of the Hustings court a writ of ad quo damnum to condemn for the public uses of the city the property known as Chimborazo Hill, consisting of twenty or more acres, the said property to be paid for in bonds of the city at its present valuation, whenever the Court of Appeals shall determine the rightful owner.

In this resolution Mr. Scott offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the committee on public grounds and buildings be instructed to secure the property known as Chimborazo Heights for the purposes of a park, as indicated in the petition of a large number of citizens; the present site of Marshall park to be disposed of by said committee, and the proceeds appropriated tot the Chimborazo improvement.

Laid on the table.

[remainder of items, unrelated, were not transcribed – MDG]


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