From the Daily National Intelligencer (Washington D. C.), 10/28/1842, p. 3, c. 2

THE FIRST GUN! – Monday evening the first great gun was cast by the Tredegar Foundry, [at Richmond, Va.] under its contract with the Federal Government. This was a 32 pounder. It was done in the most systematic and successful manner. It took a considerable lake of the liquid fire to fill the mould – being some 9,000 lbs. of metal melted down. It presented a magnificent appearance as it streamed along the channel formed to conduct it to the mould, sending upwards its thousands of brilliant spangles. As a gentleman remarked, (a la Don Juan,) it was wonderful to see solidity assume such fluidity. The preparations for this business of cannon casting have been for some time in progress; they were of a heavy and difficult nature, and no accident or misfortune has occurred. Every thing has gone on smoothly, and now the first gun has been cast without a mishap. We hope this is ominous of the complete success that is to crown this new undertaking of the company. – Richmond Compiler

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