From the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press, 9/26/1862, p. 1, c. 5

REBEL BARBARITIES. – An officer released a few days ago from confinement in the Libby prison at Richmond and at Belle Isle asserts that ten men, to his knowledge, died in the prisons of starvation, the last words of one being pitiful cries for a piece of bread. The sentinels are again indulging in their old sport of shooting at the prisoners who look out of the windows of their prisons.

One man was killed by a beardless boy, who was on guard at the time when he approached the window.

The officers of Gen. Pope’s command are even in a worse plight than has been represented. They are in double irons, and some have scarcely any clothing. [remainder of article is on an unrelated matter, and was not transcribed. – MDG]

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