From the Charleston (S. C.) Courier, 10/24/1862, p. 1, c. 3

Acknowledgment of Donations for our Sick and Wounded Soldiers in Virginia. – Dr. E. M. SEABROOK, Surgeon C. S. A., requests us to acknowledge the following donations from South Carolina to the Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, Va., forwarded through Mrs. W. S., of Charleston, and to tender to the donors his most sincere and respectful thanks for the same, viz:

From the ladies of Pineville, S. C., $150, from a gentleman of Charleston, $25; from a lady refugee in Rineville, $5; from a lady of Charleston, $5; from the Black Oak Association, two boxes hospital stores; from a few ladies in Pineville, one valuable box hospital stores and one bale comforts; from a lady of Pineopolis, one barrel meal and one barrel grist; from a planter of St. Paul’s, one barrel potatos; from a Charleston friend, one basket fruit; from the Soldiers’ Relief Association, lint, bandages and rags.

The Chimborazo Hospital is situated on a very high hill, just outside of Richmond, and overlooks the James River. It can accommodate three thousand patients, and is divided into five divisions. There is one surgeon in chief, and to each division there is one surgeon and five or six assistant surgeons. This hospital received the sick and wounded soldiers without regard to the State from which they come. There are now there a large proportion from South Carolina.

It will doubtless be gratifying to the benevolent and patriotic donors, above referred to, to learn that their contributions have reached their destination in safety, and are now being applied to the relief of the brave and suffering defenders of our homes and firesides, our lives, liberty and honor.

The lady above alluded to is still receiving hospital stores, cotton bedding, soft pillows and hospital clothing, which she will forward in a few days.

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