From the New York Daily Tribune, 4/15/1863, p. 1, c. 1


A private letter from Capt. John H. Kreidler of the 108th Ohio regiment, late a prisoner of war in Richmond, says: “I know there was a riot and a serious one, for even part of the guard of Libby Prison were taken up town to aid in quelling it, as I heard them telling of their exploits after returning; and, besides, I saw a number of women returning from it, carrying all manner of store goods in their arms, which could not have been obtained in any other way.

“Col. Dumont was in the hospital in another part of the prison and may actually have seen more than we did, as we had only a view toward the river side of Libby Prison. All the non-commissioned officers connected with the prison admitted freely to us that such a thing had occurred, although the Richmond papers, except The Whig, were silent with regard to it.” The Petersburg Express, of April 7, copies from The Whig in which it says that about 500 women and over 5,000 of the male sex were collected at a given point, participating in the riot. 

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