From the New York Times, 6/16/1864

MISS DR. WALKER HEARD FROM. – A letter dated “Castle Thunder,” Richmond, has been received by the mother of Miss Dr. MARY E. WALKER, from which it appears that the heroic little surgeon bears her imprisonment lightly. The following is an extract from her letter:

“I hope you are not grieving about me, because I am a prisoner of war. I am living in a three-story brick “castle,” with plenty to eat and a clean bed to sleep in. I have a room mate, a young lady about twenty years of age, from near Corinth, Mississippi, (Miss MARTHA MANUS.) I am much happier than I might be in some relations of life where I might be envied by other ladies.

“The officers are gentlemanly and kind, and it will not be long before I am exchanged.” – Oswego Times.

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