From the National Tribune, 10/30/1902


     J. W. Rodgers, 123d Ohio, of Liberty Center, O., was among those who first entered Richmond at its fall. They found the city in a blaze, which threatened to burn up Libby Prison and Castle Thunder, where a host of Union prisoners were confined. The doors of the prison were locked, and they could see the emaciated forms of the prisoners at the windows imploring help. It was said the rebel authorities intended burning up the prisoners in their places of confinement. Comrade Rodgers and some others picked up a bar of railroad iron and drove it against the door of Libby, smashing it in at the first blow, and allowing the prisoners to come out, who were tenderly cared for by the Union soldiers. Comrade Rodgers met some of the prisoners who were confined there, at the recent National Encampment at Washington.

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