From the Richmond Whig, 6/15/1864

WINDER HOSPITAL. – We visited yesterday, this, the largest hospital in the Confederacy. It contains six separate divisions, each accommodating 450 patients and under the control of a Division Surgeon. Tents, capable of accommodating 700 patients, have also been recently raised adjacent to the hospital for the use of convalescents. The whole under charge of Surgeon A. G. Lane, (one of the most gentlemanly and energetic Surgeons in the Confederacy,) by whom the hospital was organized in the Spring of 1862. In view of the inadequacy of the accommodations of the hospitals of Richmond for the wounded, contingent upon the possible siege of the capital, the Medical Director has directed that the number of beds in each ward of the hospital be increase one third; this will make the capacity of the entire hospital, including the tents, 4,300. The hospital has been recently remodeled and repaired under the supervision of Surgeon Lane. The improvements add greatly to its convenience, hygiene and appearance. It is most healthily located, and is supplied by a number of wells with clear, cold, pleasant water. – Has a central register for the information of enquiring friends, a library for the use of patients, a bath house, and a bakery at which the whole of the bread for the hospital is baked. The 1st Division of the hospital is assigned to the accommodation of soldiers from Georgia, and the remaining five to those from North Carolina. – There are now 2,129 patients in the hospital under treatment.

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