From the Richmond Daily Whig, 5/23/1861

HOWARD'S GROVE. - The First Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers is quartered at Howard's Grove, a delightful location, a short distance beyond the northwestern limits of the city. During a brief visit to the camp yesterday, we had ocular demonstration of the fact, of which we had already been assured, that this regiment is one of the most efficient which has yet come forward to vindicate the sacred cause of the South. The men are mostly strong, muscular fellows, who would, if armed with no better weapons than hickory clubs, play havoc with an enemy, but they are provided with excellent new percussion muskets, bowie-knives, etc., and, being familiar with their use, are prepared to deal "death and destruction" to the Lincolnites with whom, in the chances of war, they may be confronted on the battle-field.

The officers of the Regiment are Daniel H. Hill, Colonel; C. C. Lee, Lieut. Colonel; J. H. Lane, Major; John Henry Wayt, Commissary; Dr. Peter Hines, Surgeon; Drs. Havwood and Moore, Assistant Surgeons; Rev. Edwin A. Yates, Chaplain.

The following Companies compose the Regiment:

The men were in fine spirits, yesterday, and seemed perfectly "at home." Only one of the companies have tents; the others are cantoned in close sheds, recently erected for the purpose. The camp is supplied with water from two gushing springs in convenient distance.

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