From the Richmond Sentinel, 10/22/1864, p. 2, c. 2

HORRIBLE AFFAIR. - Yesterday evening Officer Granger arrested Wm. Bohannon, a young man of this city, (son of the late Dr. Bohannon,) charged with shooting, a few minutes previously, a little boy named James J. Brooks, whose mother (a widow) resides on Broad street, in rear of Seabrook's Hospital, where the sad affair occurred. The little boy, only eight years old, it appears, was in his mother's own yard, looking through an opening produced by a missing plank, when the accused warned him that he would be shot if he did not go away; and instantly Bohannon raised his gun and fired, the bullet striking the little fellow in the forehead, taking off the entire top of his head, and causing the brain to fall in a body to the ground. Bohannon immediately jumped a fence, and attempted to escape, but Officer Granger kept on his track until he caught up with him. At first he denied the charge, but subsequently acknowledged that he was the author of the horrible deed.

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