From the Richmond Examiner, 9/27/1861

A RENEGADE. – A man named Jim Chase, a native of New York city, who, within the last two years past, was in the employment of Mr. William Wayne, butcher in the Second Market, and who, while thus employed, professed the most ardent devotion to Southern rights and principles, is among the wounded prisoners at the General Hospital, North corner of Second street, having been captured at Manassas on the 21st of July among the Ellsworth Zouaves. An application for the delicacies of the season, preferred to his former employer, was met with a flat refusal. Now, what could have induced Jim Chase, and persons of his kidney, who had experienced Southern hospitality, to come South in such a war as Lincoln has inaugurated if it was not the hope of plunder. Is there any excuse for such "beauty and booty" adventurers as he?

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