From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/11/1862

VENTILATION. - The importance of sufficient ventilation in our hospitals during the present intolerable hot weather cannot be over estimated, and should receive the fullest attention of the parties in charge. Nothing can be more offensive or deleterious than the atmosphere of a sick room through which the renovating air is not allowed to pass freely. In respect to ventilation, we believe Seabrook's Hospital to be decidedly the best in the city, its numerous windows, and the peculiar structure of its several buildings allowing the freest circulation of every breeze. Speaking of this Hospital we are gratified to note the unceasing attention bestowed on the suffering wounded by both the citizens and visitors, and the surgeons connected with this establishment. Among the latter we take the liberty of mentioning our rising young friend, and fellow townsman, Dr. Elijah L. Carter. This young physician has been operating at Seabrook's since its present use was assigned it, and none have established a greater claim upon the gratitude of the wounded, or given more entire satisfaction to the Surgeon in charge. He has performed several difficult surgical operations with great skill, and gives the fullest promise of becoming an ornament to his profession. We believe Dr. Carter is a candidate for a higher position than the one which he now fills. If so, we sincerely wish him success, having all confidence in his qualification and merit.

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