From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/30/1861

List of the Sick and Wounded.

We have compiled from the memoranda of the "Committee to Provide for the Wounded," the following list of the wounded and soldiers brought to the city prior to yesterday.

7th Regiment.
Burke, Capt. A. T., at E. H. Clark's, Manchester
Burton, J A, at Springfield Hall
Burns, W A, at Springfield Hall
Henderson, W G, at Andrew Ellett's, cor Grace and 27th st, Church Hill
Hollis, D G, at Springfield Hall
Holmes, S D, at John Gibson's, cor Cary and Adams
Hunter, John, at J D Harvey's, 9th, bet Clay and Leigh
McPherson, _____, at T U Dudley's
Moseley, E P, at Springfield Hall
Nash, W M, at John Gibson's, cor Cary and Adams
Richardson, Robert, at Andrew Ellett's, Grace and 27th
Richardson, Jas L, at same place
Smith, B H, at Springfield Hall
Snead, _____, at T U Dudley's
Symmons, John, J D Harvey's, 9th st
White, A Y, at Springfield Hall

8th Regiment
Adams, ____, at Springfield Hall
Atkinson, Jr, J P, at N E Wildman's, Broad bet 21st and 22nd sts.
Effenger, R, at J C Hunt's
Bevill, Frank, at J A Belvin's, Broad, bet 9th and 10th
Blue, W F, at W T King's

Regiments not Specified.
L Hulsey, J B Martin, and ____ Maguire, at N B Hill's, 19th st
W Daniel and J D Attoway, at Dr. Briggs' Hospital

11th Regiment.
Carothers, S R, at Springfield Hall
Carothers, J M, at Springfield Hall
Cook, W K, at Springfield Hall
Harley, J M, at Springfield Hall
Simms, B G, at Springfield Hall

17th Regiment.
Arthur, S P, at Springfield Hall
Whillen, Jas, at Springfield Hall

18th Regiment.
Allen, R P, at Jas E Riddick's, Church Hill
Bell, A M, at Springfield Hall
Bishop, John, at Jas E Riddick's
Bankston, ______, at Dr. Mahoney's
Cassaday, A J, at same place
Chambers, W R, at James E Riddick's
Crosland, Robert, at Springfield Hall
Farrar, J M, at D J Saunders's cor of Adams and Grace
Ford, T G, at A F Harvey's
Hance, Lot, at Springfield Hall
Harris, J V, at M A Smith's, Grace bet 24th and 25th
Hollingsworth, B F, at T G Bell's
Kent, T J, at John M Blakey's 20th street
Lewis, James, at John M Blakey's 20th street
Martin, W J, at Springfield Hall
McLawrin, Lt H D, at E A Smith's
Moffett, Peyton, at Springfield Hall
Parsons, J W, at Springfield Hall
Wallace, R C, at J E Riddicks's, Church Hill
Williams, W S, at C Burnett's, Manchester
Williams, Daniel, at M J Blakey's, 20th street

Other Regiments.
Bates, J T, 2nd, at Jno H Hatcher's, Manchester.
Wilson, J W, 2nd, at G L C Salter's, Clay and 2nd.
Stone, J W, at C Burnett's, Manchester.

4th Regiment.
Horn, M at C C Burton's.
Kirkman, T at S J Rutherford's, Adams and Foushee.
McDonald, A W at Bellevue Hospital.
Pettus, H at S J Rutherford's.
Leonard, J G at Jesse Williams', corner Adams and Marshall.
Lockett, W A at W R Robinson's northwest corner Marshall and 10th
Scott, Major Chas at E H Chamberlayne's
Stewart, C D at R M Nimmie's
Thompson, W E at W A Spott's, corner of Duval and 5th streets.

5th Regiment.
Bowen, S A at C L Hobson's, Leigh street
Cannon, J D at same place
Dames, O, sick at Mr. Cullingsworth's, Venable st.
Hatter, S L, at W S Hurt's, Grace, between 18th and 19th streets
McCauley, J A, sick at Mr. Hudgins', Venable street
Moore, D R, at W S Hurt's
Radakin, R E, sick, at Mr. Cullingsworth's, Venable st
Rogers, W B, at W S Hurt's
Stanley, W H, at C L Hobson's

6th Regiment.
A Balkin and W Coxville, Darracott, Harris & Co's, Main street

Ashford, C C 6th Regiment at C R Barksdale's
Benedick, G M, 6th Regiment at Springfield Hall
Green, T at "Church Hill Hospital"
Gilford, Jos, 8th Regt, at Springfield Hall
Harvard, James, Dr. Brigg's Hospital
Lacomb, Ames, at Springfield Hall
Moran, John, 1st Batt. at Dr. Pollard's Governor street
Porter, G, 6th Reg, at C R Barksdale's
Reyner, Chas 1st Batt. at J McDearmon's
Toolvey, H O, at Springfield Hall
Vanroy, J S 6th Reg. at Springfield Hall
Verrett, N 8th Reg. at same place.

Adams _____ at J D Harvey's, 9th st. between Clay and Leigh.
Evans, J W, 6th Reg. at L Ellett's
Howell, John 5th Reg. at Springfield Hall
Roberts, Wm 11th Reg. at John Caskie's
Truman, John 6th (Capt. Avery's co,) at Dr. Brigg's Hospital
Welch, D, 1st Reg. at J H Tyler

Bruce, Capt. Jos A at Geo Watt's[?]
Edwards, W H Co. H 23rd Reg. at Wellington Goddin's, 6th st. between Clay and Leigh
J B Lady, Lieut. J C Frederick, C Sutherland, Shrever Grays, Wheeling, at Luther Libby's
Ashbys, H C and Goodbear, Fred at same place
Grayson, Crockett of Montgomery co., Geo S Palmer's
Patrick O'Donnell, of 27th Reg. and Patrick O'Brien, of 10th Reg. Shenandoah co., at Bellevue Hospital
James T Dickinson, Charlotte Rifles, sick at Mrs Powers' Venable st. and Mechanicsville turnpike.
J W Wilkes and E M Goodman, 18th Regiment, sick, at E Baker's, Venable st.
James A Try, 18th Regiment, sick at Mrs Sammons', Venable st.
R H Taylor, 18th Regiment, at Mrs Harwood's same st. - stunned by a shell.

Hampton's Legion.
George Weir, at D H London's, on Franklin, between 4th and 5th; A G Whitney, at J D Harvey's; B Dent, D Garrison and B Yeargen, at Dr. Briggs.

2nd Regiment.
W. B. Hill, at Bellevue Hospital; J. Rowe, at Springfield Hall

3rd Regiment.
H T Owens, R J Pool, J T Helms, A Y McNeely, A W Burnsides, W W Simpson, R Robertson, A S Owen, J P Templeton, John Dial, J D Power, D B Brownlee, R T Harris; ____ Templeton, at Mason's Hall, Church Hill.
Wm Bolt, at Wm G Dandridge's n w cor Clay and 9th sts.

J H Wofford, B M Smith, T H West, T J West, J A Johnson, T C Borough, W H Barnett and T S Meadows, of the 3rd Regiment S C, are sick at the Hospital known as "Mason's Hall," Church Hill.

5th Regiment.
F Isham, J Newlan, J Parker and T L Wilson, at Bellevue Hospital. W A Ehloe, at H B Hall's, on 26th between Marshall and Leigh.
James Mason and W F Davidson, of the 5th Regiment, are at T Vaiden's, Jr, Manchester, S A Parker, of the same Regiment, is at Wm Sister's, Franklin st.

6th Regiment.
John Jacobs, at Mason's Hall; L Timmons, at P F Whites, Byrd and 3rd st; J S Oden, at H B Hall's.
Davis Royster, H D Rushton and W G Aston, 7th Regiment, are at Mason's Hall.
H G Baker and J H Anchrom, Jr, at J A Gardner's – State where from not reported. A S Foote, do, is at J T Cropper's, 27th st. R L Bohn, do, is at M Milhiser's, Broad st. Isaac Pierce, do, is at L H Fore's, 11th st, n of Leigh.
C Riley and J Cons, of La, and ___ Helsclaw, of Ga, are quartered at places unreported.
A number of the sick and wounded who were sent to the various hospitals have since been removed to private residences. We desire to be informed of such cases; also of errors of omissions in the above list.


Sergeant Mason, Privates Davidson and Moleneaux, are slightly wounded and have gone home.

Hampton's Legion.
A J Stringer and Brother (attendant) at Mrs Cardozo's
N B Rogers at H T Priro's
N C Carson, at Mrs Carrington's
Sergeant Grimis, Franklin and 28th sts, same place
J T Brock, Main St Hospital
J A Veitzinger, Main St Hospital
W L Green, Main St Hospital
J K Rabb, Main St Hospital
W H Kelly, Main St Hospital
C C Conners at Mr A Y Stokes
F N Davis at Mr A Y Stokes
H D Mahoney, Main St Hospital
Samuel Gee, Main St Hospital
J B Livingston, Main St Hospital
G W Daniels, Main St Hospital
S S Verner, Main St Hospital

8th Regiment.
C D Game at Jas Poindexter's

6th North Carolina Regiment.
J S Roy, slightly wounded – gone home

4th Regiment.
W Bruce, Main Street Hospital.

7th Louisiana Regiment.
J. Flinn, Mason Hall Hospital; J W Pendecort, Wheat Battalion, Mason Hall Hospital. Many of the above have been removed from the Hospitals to private families, but their friends can find them out by calling at the hospitals.

13th Mississippi Regiment.
J P Shaw, sick, Main Street Hospital.
D Sullivan, wounded, Mason's Hall.
W McStribbling, sick, Main Street Hospital.
G B Shaw, sick, Main Street Hospital.
P S Houge, sick, Main Street Hospital.
O E Perve, sick, Main Street Hospital.
Thomas Shaw, sick, Main Street Hospital.
J T Shaw, sick, Main Street Hospital.
J A Penke, sick, Main Street Hospital.
J M Clarke, sick, Main Street Hospital.
J E Henry, sick, Main Street Hospital.
G M Clarke, sick, Main Street Hospital.
J T Ferguson, sick, Main Street Hospital.

5th Mississippi Regiment.
W Coulter, at Mr George S Palmer's

17th Mississippi Regiment.
G W Green, Mason Hall Hospital.
G W Tenneson, Mason Hall Hospital.

18th Mississippi Regiment.
J P Rogers, at Mr John Caskie's.

8th Georgia Regiment.
O M Porter, Mason Hall Hospital.
Jos. McKenzie, attendant, Mason Hall Hospital.
James Halbrock, Mason Hall Hospital.
Thomas Collins, Mason Hall Hospital.
E M Price, and attendant Mason Hall Hospital.
Samuel Brower, Mason Hall Hospital.

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