From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/5/1864, p.3, c. 2

Robbery. – On Saturday night, Augustus Staples, a well-known free negro huckster in the Second Market, was knocked down when near the corner of Third and Baker streets by three Yankee deserters, and then robbed of about fifteen hundred dollars in Confederate money. Stapled had been at the house of Mrs. Hulcher, on Third street, a few doors from Leigh, where he met with the three Yankees, and feeling rather liberal and disposed for fun, he treated them and himself three or four times to liquor. – After remaining there some time he started home but had not proceeded far before he was overtaken by his Yankee companions, knocked down, choked until he was senseless, and his pocket picked of the amount of money mentioned above. Yesterday morning he accompanied officers Moore and Jenkins to the Confederate States stable lot on Navy Hill, where a large number of Yankee deserters are engaged in making shoes, for the purpose of identifying those who had robbed him. The three fellows were soon pointed out to the officers by Staples and approached by them on the subject. They readily acknowledged being with the sable huckster on the night before; but indignantly denied any participation in the robbery. In company with Staples, they said they walked to the corner of Duval and Third streets, where they left him, and proceeded to their quarters at the stable-yard. Although Staples was positive that these were the men who robbed him, yet, being a negro, and therefore incompetent to testify against white men, the officers had no other recourse than to release them.

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