From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/25/1861, p. 2, c. 2

The Eighteenth Georgia Regiment is still stationed on the banks of Bloody Run, near Richmond; but ready and waiting to enter upon more active service. For six weeks it has furnished a constant and faithful guard on the Yankee prisoners. In charge of four commissioned officers and eighty-four men, two hundred of the prisoners were conducted to New Orleans; a responsible service which the detachment performed with fidelity. A good many have been sick; but nearly all are recovering, and at no time has the fatality been great. Under competent surgeons, nurses, and attentions from the ladies, the hospitals have been well managed. It has been often remarked of this regiment, by strangers, that it is well officered, well manned, well drilled, and well conditioned. The mutual devotion between the excellent Col. Wofford and his regiment, and their marked purpose to shrink from no duty, will make them a potent force against the enemy. The religious interests of the regiment are not omitted. Prayer-meetings, for several weeks, have been held nearly every night in some part of the camp. There is preaching also twice every Sabbath; and the general moral tone of the men appears to be good.

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