From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/30/1863, p. 1, c. 5

Prison Items. – The following arrivals were chronicled at Castle Thunder on yesterday: Randolph Gibson, of the Albemarle Artillery, for having a forged furlough, sent down by the Provost Marshal of Staunton; Geo Semple, sent from the Libby Prison for misconduct; A Scott, LaGuard Artillery, and Barry Poy??, 14th La set by Capt Booker for medical treatment, Wm Morrow, sent up by Major Wise, supposed to have been trading with the Yankees. The following discharges were made yesterday: Twenty-eight men, sent to Petersburg in charge of Colonel Moore, of the 19th Virginia regiment, to rejoin their regiments; Geo T Mathews sent to Battery No 4, to his company; Wm H Clay, who was sent by a Surgeon from the Howard Grove Hospital, December 22d, for obstreperous conduct, was honorably discharged; Solomon Fisher and L Dickinson, committed some time since for harboring deserters near Christiansburg, Montgomery county, were discharged by order of Gen. Winder, and furnished with transportation home; George W White, arrested in Augusta county for supposed disloyalty, was discharged, with direction that he be sent to the Provost Marshal of Staunton, who was required to administer the oath to White and then parole him on condition that he reside in Staunton, Augusta, or some locality adjoining, where his Unionism would not be likely to prove detrimental to the cause of the Confederacy.

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